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Information Technology MSP Services

Managed Network Equipment

Never worry about your network equipment since we enhance your existing network with our managed cutting-edge devices!

  • High Speed Wired and Wireless Network Network Connectivity
  • Customized Router and Firewall For Advanced Network Security
  • Managed Network Switches and Access Points
  • Information Safeguard through Secure Network Segmentation
  • Cloud-Controlled Monitoring for Network Performance Optimization
  • Peace of Mind with our Next-Day Replacement of Failed Network Equipment

Security as a Service

Our cyber security tools shield your business and employee communications by defending devices and their valuable data!

  • SentinelOne Autonomous AI Endpoint Antivirus
  • Malware, Ransomware, and Zero-Day Protection With Live Monitoring
  • IRONSCALES Email Monitoring for Spam and Malicious attacks
  • DropsSuite Office 365 Sharepoint and Mail Backup Solution
  • Security Awareness Training Campaigns To Mitigate Social Engineering Threats

HelpDesk Support and Remote Assistance

Our team of IT professionals are ready to assist you remotely through phone, email, or chat with our pre-installed software agent!

  • Syncro RMM For Quick Remote Assistance, Chat Support, and Ticket Creation
  • Customer Portal To Stay Up-to-Date on Helpdesk Tickets
  • Automatic Handling of Windows Updates and Errors on servers/workstations
  • Handling of Critical Windows and Device Updates
  • Afterhours On-Call Support Availability for "24/7" Businesses

Backup and Restore Solutions

Automatic and continuous advanced data backup for your entire business.

  • Backups of File Servers/Workstations through Nordic Backup
  • The speed of on-site backups with the reliability of cloud redundancy
  • Reduce downtime with advanced file recovery capabilities

VoIP Phone Services

Tailor your business calls with a fully customizable phone system, hosted locally or in the cloud.

  • Extensions and Modern Deskphones with Diverse Functionality
  • Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for call handling
  • Holidays and Business Hours Call Management
  • On Call and Ring Group Functionality
  • High-Quality Call Audio
  • Cloud Support for Multiple Site Service and Redundancy

Custom Built Windows Server Environment

Our custom servers can handle all your operating needs including file systems, domain controller, accounting services, and databases.

  • File Systems designed to securely store all business data
  • Domain Control environment to handle employee access and security
  • Accounting machines and share workstations
  • Virtual machine integration for enhanced server capabilities
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

Security Cameras and Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Keep your system secured with our high-definition security cameras so you can protect your business.

  • Stored video footage for security and compliance
  • Nighttime visibility for 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote viewing through a phone application

Office 365 Licensing and Administrative Management

As a partner we provide Office products, licensing, and administrative portal management.

  • Includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and OneNote with 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage
  • Employee onboarding and access management
  • Provisioning and monitoring of Microsoft 365 services
  • SharePoint and OneDrive File Management
  • PII and Sensitive Data Encryption and Compliancy Availability
  • Spam Policy Management and Email Tracing

Printers, Scanners, Point of Sale Devices, and Specialized Equipment Integration

Your existing equipment will always be a part of our plan when designing your new network.

  • Efficient Deployment of Printers Across the Network
  • Streamlined Scan to Email and Scan to File Functions
  • Secure POS Network Integration
  • Integration of Specialized Devices requiring connectivity to server and database systems